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Year in Industry Opportunities in Engineering

What are you looking to get from your Year in Industry?

We offer you great exposure to a wide variety of operations from the start! During your year with us, you will be involved in a diverse range of activities that naturally reflect the sheer degree of diversity across engineering. 

You'll have every opportunity to use your engineering knowledge to solve manufacturing problems. You could find yourself fixing and maintaining our state-of-the-art equipment. And far from being an invisible member of the team, you'll be presenting your ideas to managers and influencing important business decisions.
We see engineering placements as a two-way interaction. You'll get as much from the year as you're prepared to put in. And if you're enthusiastic and keen to learn, the experience will stand you in very good stead for your future career.

We are looking for the following disciplines to apply for our placement schemes:  Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Process Engineering and Chemistry qualification.

See what some of our past placement students have said:

"A placement year with British Sugar is probably the best place to be for any aspiring Chemical Engineer. There are very few, if any, large processing plants that contain so many different aspects of the subject all in one site and hence with so much happening it is very difficult not to become involved in important and value adding projects. I have found the placement both challenging and rewarding in equal measure, therefore improving both my technical and interpersonal skills and giving me the courage to be confident in my decisions. Above all it has taught me what life in industry and away from the lecture hall is really like and therefore, provides a fantastic base for any future career."

Frazer Cumming - Engineering Placement

“During my placement I have been exposed to so many different aspects of the business, from incremental system improvements in factories, to high level strategy and multi-million pound projects. This tremendous amount of breadth, coupled with the supportive and experienced team around me has allowed me to firm up what exactly I want to do with my Engineering degree.”

Lewis Johnston - Engineering Placement

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