British Sugar - An AB Sugar Company
application process
The second stage of the application form will include two types of questions:

Situational questions -
These will ask you to provide information on how you would approach a particular scheme relevant scenario.

Competency Based Questions -
All of the competencies have been designed to pull out key criteria for the scheme you are applying for, so it’s really important when you’re giving your examples to think about what you did in each situation.

Competency based and scenario based questions are reviewed and scored against pre-determined criteria. You will be informed of the result by email. Successful candidates from the initial application form process will be invited by email to complete online tests. Successful candidates from the online testing will be contacted and scheduled for a telephone screening session. This is not an interview but an opportunity for us to explain the steps involved in the selection process and answer any questions you may have. 
Following your screening session, those successful will be invited forward to a competency based telephone interview based on your experiences. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed by email.

Successful candidates from the telephone interview will be invited to attend the final stage of the process which consists of an Assessment Centre which may involve an overnight stay.

The Assessment Centre may typically consist of:

  • Behavioural/technical/competency based interviews
  • Role Play
  • Group exercises
  • Presentation
  • Hand written exercise
  • Factory tour

Successful candidates will start with us in September 2014