British Sugar - An AB Sugar Company
Assessment centre
Please ensure you prepare well beforehand by researching as much as possible about British Sugar. Ensure you are alert on the day and be yourself and show you have a thorough understanding of the role you have applied for.

The assessment centre is not a competition. We are not looking for how well you perform at the expense of other candidates. We are looking at your individual performance.


  • Visit our websites:, our parent company
  • Draw up a list of your main strengths, particularly those you feel may be applicable to the area for which you have applied
  • Consider any development areas and think about how you will address them
  • Think of questions you wish to ask
  • Plan your journey carefully so that you arrive in good time for the start of the assessment centre
  • Try to relax and converse with other candidates on the day

What to expect

  • You will be one of twelve candidates and there will be a number of assessors and managers from the business   
  • You are likely to be interviewed and asked to take part in a number of exercises
  • At the end of the assessment, we will ask you for feedback on the process. This will not impact on any decisions we make about your performance and we encourage honesty in your comments to help us improve our process

Your performance

  • Please listen carefully to all instructions given to you at the start of the day and at the beginning of each exercise
  • It would be unusual for someone to be good at all exercises so the assessment centre will give you a number of chances to show your strengths
  • Remain alert and enthusiastic for the whole day. You will find it tiring but we will be assessing your performance throughout the day
  • It is quite possible that every candidate will achieve the necessary standard in which case we may offer additional roles

What you will learn...

  • You will learn about British Sugar. We strongly believe the recruitment process must be two-way. You will have the opportunity to talk with recent graduates with whom you can talk informally as well as meeting some of our managers. You will gain a real insight into British Sugar and whether it is for you
  • You maybe surprised at how many hidden strengths you really have